Hey dear visitor, thank you for passing by! My name is cesco.blz and im a Berlin based artist going into international waters! If you mix Portuguese with English and German what do you get? Right!! tight Beats played at the drums by me, flows rhythm and harmonies!

My debut Album „WAVEY“ is coming soon and I am more then excited to share it with you all! Going through Life WAVEY, High on Life itself and inspired by Love, Tears, the sun, the moon, the noise and the silence! WAVEY is a state of mind that im expressing on this album! Stay wavey yall and have funKSSSSO.KOP


With his debut album wavey he connects his talent on the drums with his sound and creates a new, vivid and organic style of Hip Hop. „I am deeply connected to live music, which is why it was important to me to have them played on my album by actual people“

„Wavey is a state of mind!“ - It can mean many things. It connects a deep feeling that you have to a certain person, situation or phase. The Duration of which, lasts as long as you are emotionally connected without using your rational mind to analyze or judge. wavey is spiritual, its a higher vibration, wavey is unexplainable, wavey is pure and incuruptable, wavey is your identity in this moment in time,  wavey is love.

Its 3 AM in the morning my apartment windows are open, the summer breeze caresses my skin. The smoke inside my house is warm and comforting. I live at the 15th Floor in the center of Berlin, I am wavey and im writing this Album. At this time someone had found me, picked me up and released me in a different universe. She balanced my every move, thought and feeling. I had no control over what's going on on the outside or on the inside. It was beautiful and yet terrifying. The end was predictable and yet surprising! 

This process of falling in deep emotional grounds, unexpected and inexplicable, riding the wave until it crashes and your body is spit out on the shore, is unfolded in this album. 

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UPCOMING Club Gretchen (double show with Leona Berlin)


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